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Relax on the NSW South Coast with Skydive Oz

Kick back and do a few jumps, go for a surf then come back to the drop zone for a couple more lazy ones or just to chill out. Our turbo Air-Van, Super Cessna 185 aircraft’s are ideal for one on one coaching in any discipline and a great place to train for free-fly or canopy formation teams – we can take you to any height you want without any holds. 14,000 feet is available and team rates can be negotiated.
Join the regular experienced skydivers who flock down here – check out our Facebook page to share the ride with someone nearby!

What’s on site?

• Accommodation & Camping
• Free Wifi
• Shower and Toilet Facilities
• Training rooms & coaches
• Cafe – The Skymonkey Food Project, Freshly brewed coffee & delicious food
• Beach – Perfect for surfing, swimming, fishing
• River – Great for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking
• Kitchen & Beer fridges
• BBQ facilities
• Creepers (for formation training)
• Indoor packing areas
• Basket Ball hoop
• Nearby supermarkets, Gym, Pub etc.
• Great atmosphere


Our Dropzone is at Sea Level: That means you get true maximum time in freefall, with every single skydive.
We Guarantee you’ll get what you pay for: We always take you to the height you’ve asked for (or higher), no exceptions.

  • 5K
    $25/ SkydiveHop & Pop
    •    5,000ft Altitude
  • 7K
    $35/ SkydiveHalf Way
    •    7,000ft Altitude
  • 14K
    $45/ SkydiveStandard Jump Height
    •    14,000ft Altitude

Buy Bulk Sport Deals!

  • 10x Skydives
    $420/ Ten PackSave $30
    •    10x Pack of 14,000ft Skydives
  • 50x Skydives
    $2000/ 50 PackSave $250
    •    50x Pack of 14,000ft Skydives
  • 100x Skydives
    $3800/ 100 PackSave $700
    •    100x Pack of 14,000ft Skydives

Skydive Team Rates

  • Team Rates
    $35/ Skydive
    • Get your team together and get $10 off our standard jump rate with this special offer.

    • Minimum 10x team skydives - Must be used within 30 days.

    • Available for teams of 5 people or more only. (I.E. 4way + Camera flyer)

Unlimited Skydives

Welcome to our all-new unlimited skydive packages. Simply apply, secure your booking and then settle in at your new home for a month or the year!

With these packages, the more you jump – the more you save. Think you can do at least 100 skydives per month? That’s 1200/year (only $15/skydive!).
Both options, have Unlimited Monthly Add-Ons available:

• Accommodation
• Gear Hire
• Packing

Get ready to rapidly increase your jump numbers & experience! Payment is required in advance. ZipMoney is available for up to $3000 (Interest-free loans).

Apply today for more information.

Monthly Packages
From $2800/month

Note: Only 2x Available per Month
*Terms & conditions apply.

Annual Packages
$18,000/12 months

Note: Only 2x Available per year
*Terms & conditions apply.

Don’t have your own gear?

No problems! We have all the gear you need to get you skydiving right away, hassle free.

Gear hire does NOT include: cost of repairs due to misuse, loss or excessive damage.

  • Gear Hire
    $35/ SkydiveStandard Rate
    •    Includes: altimeter, goggles, helmet, rig & re-pack, gloves, jumpsuit.
  • Gear Hire x10
    $330/ 10 PackSave $20
    •    Includes: altimeter, goggles, helmet, rig & re-pack, gloves, jumpsuit.
  • Gear Hire x20
    $580/ 20 PackSave $120
    •    Includes: altimeter, goggles, helmet, rig & re-pack, gloves, jumpsuit.
  • Gear Hire x50
    $1300/ 50 PackSave $450
    •    Includes: altimeter, goggles, helmet, rig & re-pack, gloves, jumpsuit.

Coaching / Training Rates

We run regular seminars with Australia’s top coaches in all skydiving disciplines.
For beginners to advanced, including B-Rel weeks, Canopy Piloting, Canopy Formation,
Formation Skydiving, Free-fly, Wingsuiting and more!
Keep an eye out for upcoming events on our Facebook or the event’s web page.

B-Rel Week: Start and finish your B-rels in a week.
If you’ve already started them it’s all good, come and finish them off during any week we have a Learn to Skydive course going.
We focus on free-fall and canopy control and video your entire jump from the exit to landing for thorough debriefing.
Stay for a day or for the week. Click here to see package options.

First Flight Wingsuit Course: Ready to start Wingsuiting? (click here)
We offer ‘First Flight’ wingsuit courses with one of our experienced wingsuit coaches, upon request. Simply Contact Us to request a date of your choice. The initial training price is $100 and then regular coached skydive prices after that. A Wingsuit Crest is 8 stages.  Click here to book your wingsuit course!

  • Coached Skydives
    $100/ Skydive
    •    B-Rels
    •    Star Crest
    •    C.R.W.
    •    Free Fly & Flat Fly
    •    Wingsuit
    •    Price does not include your skydive.
  • Packing Lessons
    $33/ hour
    •    Recommended minimum training time 3 hours
    •    You do not need your own parachute
    •    Learn at your own pace
    •    Cost does not include your skydive.
  • Packer B Rating
    $660/ package
    •    10x supervised pack jobs
    •    Packing
    •    Exam
    •    Cost does not include your skydive.

Haven’t Skydived in a while? You may need to do a re-currency skydive

Fear not – simply get in touch with us and let us know your specific situation and we can advise you of some options to get back in the air!

Re-currency skydives are required to refresh your training and check you’ve still got the necessary skills.

  • Short Term Re-currency
    •    Requirements: ‘A’ Licence or above
    •    Last Skydive: Within 12 months
  • Long Term Re-currency
    •    Requirements: ‘A’ Licence or above
    •    Last Skydive: Over 12 months

Want to stay the night or a week? Stress less, we have accommodation sorted for you.

  • Camping Skydive
  • Camping
    $10/ night
    •    Includes use of hot showers, amenities, kitchen
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
  • twin share room
  • Shared Room
    $30/ night
    •    Stay in comfort, request a singe bed in one of our 4 rooms.
    •   Room 1 has two bunks, rooms 2-4 contain two single beds.
    •   SPECIAL! 7x Nights or more $25 night (7 nights = $175)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
    •    Laundry available. ($5)
  • Skydive Private Room
  • Single Room
    $50/ Night
    •    Stay in comfort in a private room with a single bed.
    •   Room numbers: 5,6,7 & 8.
    •   SPECIAL! 7x Nights or more $35 night (7 nights = $245)
  • Loft Apartment Kitched
  • The skydive loft apartment
  • The loft Apartment
    $50-80/ night
    •    Stay in style, upstairs in the purpose built accommodation, complete with it’s own large bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. There are three rooms to choose from.
    •  The Queen $60 Night (Twin Share $80 Night).
    •   The Double $55 Night (Twin Share $70 Night)
    •    The Single $50 Night
    •    Be aware, students doing packages B,C, or D do get first priority for these rooms – if available.
    •    Laundry available. ($5)


Bring a friend to do a tandem skydive & you skydive with them free!

This offer is only available for licensed skydivers and does not include gear hire.


Have a look at the DZ from an arial perspective!

  • Beachside Dropzone Landing Area


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