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What is a ‘Scrambles’ Comp?

What is a ‘Scrambles’ Comp?

What is a ‘Scrambles’ Competition?

Have you seen a Scrambles events advertised and wondered what it is? Read on to wonder no more!
Scrambles events are designed to bring people of all experiences together, and place them in teams to create an even playing field for a fun-filled day of light-hearted competition.

The format:

Can be a 2-way, 3-way or 4-way competition – with experienced coaches, intermediate jumpers (over 150 jumps), and novice jumpers (150 or less) selected at random to form teams. The teams then battle it out over a series of freefall competition rounds to claim top dog position (and usually some cool prizes!). The teams usually look something like this:
• 2-way: 1 coach, 1 novice
• 3-way: 1 coach, 1 intermediate, 1 novice
• 4-way: 1 coach, 2 intermediate, 1 novice

So how does the competition actually work?
Once the teams are set the coaches get to work on some team bonding while the judges set the competition rounds. These come from a pool of available formations which are also drawn from a hat to create each round. Depending on the competition each round will contain anywhere from 3 to 6 different ‘points’ or formations that must be completed in the set order, as many times as possible on the jump. The jump is timed from the moment of exit from the plane, in the available time given (usually 35 seconds). Each time the correct formation is completed, one point is awarded. The team with the most points at the end of all the rounds is announced the WINNER!

How is it Judged?
The jumps are judged from video, which must be submitted at the completion of each round. Each team has a camera flyer that jumps out with them and flies above the team in freefall, to capture all the formations being completed. The video must clearly show all the correct ‘grips’ being held, then completely released, for the formation to be judged as correct and the point awarded.

Who should join a scrambles comp?
EVERYONE! Whether you have just finished your B-rels, want to learn more about competition, are already awesome at relative work, been getting into free-flying, want to try out some camera flying, or interested in captaining a team… These comps are an awesome no-pressure environment to just get amongst it and have some FUN. It’s also a great environment to meet a bunch of new people, learn new skills, and even form a new team for that up and coming state-meet or nationals competition.

You must be Current.
If you’re planning on attending any skydiving event, it’s important that you have completed skydives prior to the event. This will help ensure you’re current and can make the most of it.

Keen to come play?

Ofcourse you are  🙂 – Simply click here and check out our upcoming events.