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5 Top Reasons Women Should Skydive

5 Top Reasons Women Should Skydive

Are you a woman & have contemplated getting into sports skydiving?

Here are our top 5 reasons for women to jump right into it:

  1. FREE Mentorship Program! – Women In Adventure Sports

    The Australian Parachute Federation (APF) runs a program specifically to provide mentors to women entering the sport. The program pairs you with an experienced mentor and other contacts, who then work with you to achieve your goals. This is invaluable guidance from women who have been seen and done so much within Australia and International skydiving. This includes State,  Australian, and world records. Along with successes in competition both local and international.
    To find out more about the mentorship program CLICK HERE.

  2. Be Inspired by Female Role Models

    The sport of Skydiving in Australia really is filled with motivational stories of female skydivers who are excelling in their field, all very approachable. Most of these role models, you have the opportunity to meet and fly with. Of the multitudes of possibilities, a few come to mind that I have met personally, including:
    • Julia McConnell: A world renowned canopy pilot and organised the largest canopy formation in Australia in 2015 with 44 parachutes in formation over Nagambie, Victoria. Jules also runs many canopy courses and is actively training instructors to become the next endorsed canopy coaches.

    • Kelly Brennan: A ‘Women in Adventure Sports’ (WIAS) mentor, APF Director, Funding Committee Chair, and somehow fits all this in with a challenging day job in journalism! She was part of a 119-way Formation Skydiving National Record, amongst others. Chair of the APF’s Sports Development Fund and passionate about maximising skills and enjoyment of women in skydiving.

    • Alana Bertram: A gold medal winning artistic freestyle competitor with a kind heart and a passion for skydiving that cannot be beaten. You’ll usually find her at the helm of Gold Coast Skydiving and be enjoying her weekends at Skydive Byron Bay.

  3. Broaden your Horizons

    There is a whole world of skydiving that can be enjoyed, whether it be by discipline (ever thought of being a ballerina in the sky?), competition, through to records, or just traveling and meeting new people. The world and family of skydiving can introduce you to so many different people from many different backgrounds, all through a common goal – to enjoy jumping out of planes! When a bunch of like-minded people comes together to have fun, it’s hard not to make friends and have a great time – even when the days skydiving is over.

  4. Keep Fit

    Skydiving has a way of keeping you moving, even when you don’t realise it. You’re too busy having so much fun! It takes you effort to pack a parachute, ‘dirt diving’ a skydive with your friends, and walking in from (sometimes) far away from landing areas carrying your own gear! It is a great way to keep active and an enjoyable outdoor sport.

  5. Overcome Fear

    Afraid of heights? Afraid of planes or flying? Many people start the sport with a tandem skydive, to get over a fear. Some don’t realise that one jump may not be enough to overcome it. Working towards eliminating fear is an empowering process. It’s a journey that will leave you feeling as though you can conquer the world!


Whichever direction you’re interested in:

There is a mentor to assist you and successful women to look up to in our sport. A sport that can give you courage and commitment and the sheer disbelief at what you can achieve. In the wise words of yet another powerful woman (Gwen Stefani), What Are You Waiting For? 

Find out more about learning to skydive. CLICK HERE


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