A B-Rel Experience

Time to B-Relevant (Relative Free Fall Training)

So you’re still flying high after getting your ‘A’ Licence! Wondering what’s next in your skydiving journey…? Well, here’s what a lot of people do (kidding, but sort of serious):

Step 1 – Ring your boss and tell him you quit.

Step 2 – Become a skydiver instead.

You would actually be surprised at how many people do this, no lie!

Let’s B-Serious

You can choose to keep flying solo, but skydiving is much more fun when you’re jumping with others. Getting your ‘B’ Licence is the way to doing this, and the B-Rels are the first 8 stages towards your ‘B’ Licence.

Your B-Rels allow you to jump with up to 4 other people. You ‘B’ Licence allows you to jump with up 10 others!

Each course focuses on:

  • Flying safely with others
  • Learning how to locate, slot and dock
  • Being more accurate with centre point turns

You can complete your B-Rels over a week-long camp, break it up (for slightly more money)…you can even start your B-Rels while still completing your ‘A’ Licence. However we strongly recommend you continue on with your lessons as soon as possible, so you capitalise on the new skills you’ve learned as fast as possible.

You can also sign up for a ‘B’ Licence course, which covers your B-Rels and full ‘B’ Licence requirements over the course of a month or so.

The B-Rel camp and ‘B’ Licence course both include accommodation, breakfasts and lunches at the cafe – so you can concentrate on your learning and jumping.

Once you have done your B-Rels you’re not just having fun with new friends, but you can also begin to compete in State and National Championships. You can also progress through to your ‘C’ Licence, which allows you to finally start filming your jumps!!

The world of skydiving has many paths…get started on your with your B-Rels.


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