About Us

About our people:

Founded by Owner, Director, Pilot, Chief Instructor and experienced skydiver Paul Smith – It has always been his goal to let others experience the thrill and experience of free-fall and canopy flight (as well as skydiving as often as possible 🙂 ). The staff at Skydive Oz have been hand picked to work with us, not just because they’re some of the best in the world at what they do – but because they love what they do. When you put a bunch of like-minded people who enjoy living outside of the box and having fun all together in the one place, a naturally healthy and enjoyable atmosphere is automatically generated. We think this is the reason why when you choose to come and experience skydiving with us – you will find it difficult not to have an amazing experience and feel safe at the same time.

About our locations:

We know that having the opportunity to Skydive over Australia’s Capital City, in beautiful scenic NSW country towns and also skydiving right over the big blue ocean and landing on the sunny South Coast beaches is truly a blessing, one that we do not take for granted.

Check out the towns and their upcoming attractions below: Canberra Batemans Bay Dubbo Orange Wagga

Our mission statement:

We want to be the best. It’s easy to say you want to be the best – but to actually mean it is another thing. It requires dedication, constant improvements, consistency, quality, hard work and to never lose sight of your goal. When we say our mission statement is to be the best Skydiving experience you can possibly have – we mean it. That’s why everyday we’re putting ourselves in our customers shoes, ensuring our equipment is perfect, looking for ways to make the experience even more enjoyable, comfortable, fun & to try and exceed expectations every step of the way. We’re always looking for feedback, new ideas and are open to suggestions – simply send us a message if you would like to contribute to our constant evolution.