Adrenaline – Your New Friend!

You’re about to do your first skydive. You’re standing on the edge of the plane looking out. All the training, reading and psyching yourself up couldn’t have fully prepared you for this feeling. You think: “No freaking way I can do this”, It’s okay though, you’ve got this. You have your own super power waiting to step up and work its magic, it’s your new best friend – Adrenaline.


Registering a hint of danger, your nervous system zaps emergency commands to the adrenals, two walnut-shaped glands that sit on top of the kidneys. They shoot a burst of adrenaline into your bloodstream. It only takes a split second and you’re in the midst of a full-on rush. Your pupils dilate, you can feel your heart pounding, beating like a drum, your palms sweat, your hair stands on end and you take the deepest breath you can. Before you can continue your freak-out, you’re free falling. Descending towards the ground at over 200kms. You know exactly what to do, you pull the shoot and are blissfully gliding and enjoying every single second of your skydive. That’s the power of Adrenaline. You push your limits and your endorphins flow like some kind of wonder drug.


Adrenaline is your friend, not foe. By using its gift in stressful situations is a wonderful tool that can be used in your everyday life. Whether it’s a presentation at work, diving into the ocean for a winters swim, introducing yourself to a room full of strangers at a party or rocking up to your first skydive. Welcome that rush of hormones to help push you out of your comfort zone and enjoy the moment for what it is.

Adrenaline that can have important brain health benefits. give you a temporary boost of energy, it increases alertness and awareness and can improve memory and cognitive functioning,

A quick burst of adrenaline and stress has been shown to strengthen the immune system and overall immune health. By allowing this to penetrate your system in short bouts can give you a stronger immune system. This means less sickness in the future, making more time for adventure!


Let’s think about this for a moment, have you ever truly regretted that satisfying feeling of personal achievement? The adrenaline has cooled off, your heartbeat has gone back to its normal pace. You’re sitting there reflecting on what you’ve just accomplished. Self-doubt has a sneaky way of creeping its ugly face into stressful situations, but it’s your trusty friend adrenaline that helped your mind and body to come together as one to give you the strength that was always inside you. Be proud of your achievements, share them with your friends and family and enjoy those well-earned endorphins.

What are you waiting for? Skydiving is a pretty guaranteed way to get your adrenal glands pumping. With your new found friend by your side, now is the time to make that list and start ticking them off one by one.
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