If you’ve found this page because you were hoping to find Adult Friend Finder, you’ve technically come to the right place. Because the friendships you make with us will last a lifetime. You should be stoked because you’ve stumbled across something even better! AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall and it’s about to rock your world. Located on the sunny south coast of Moruya take a drive along Bruce Cameron Drive. On one side you’ll see glittering ocean waves crashing onto the warm sand. On the opposite you’ll see our blue signs, some wind socks flailing in the distance and the smiles of many happy skydivers. Sports skydivers Enjoy free-flying, CRW work & if you happen to come by on a Monday, you’ll find a group learning to skydive for their first time.


We pride ourself in creating the best-informed students so you are ready to take that knowledge to the skies and have a fun, safe time during your journey. The experience you can expect is a light & bright atmosphere with all the encouragement, not even an all-star cheerleader squad could give you. We bring quality to the table because you know you will always be reaching peak altitude to give you the air time you deserve. You will always receive the most comprehensive, concentrated attention you need from your instructor due to a maximum of 6 students per week. This means you’ll be getting the most from your money and the memories you reminisce over will continue to make you smile for many years to come. And don’t think it’s just for adults because you can become a solo skydiver from as young as 16 years old.


With back to back load running you will never be waiting to get to altitude, therefore you can enjoy everything our location has to offer. Soak up beach views under canopy before landing onto the sand and heading for a surf. Bring the family and friends along for a weekend getaway and pitch a tent on our campsite or if you’re feeling a little glamorous book one of our cabins for the night. The best thing about bringing people with you is that they can enjoy the sport you’ve grown to love and purchase a tandem flight! And just when you think we couldn’t get any sweeter we give you a free skydive for the recommendation.