Accelerated Free-fall Stages

The course starts with a day of practical ground training, covering everything you need to know about your first solo free-fall and parachute flight.

Two instructors will accompany you in free-fall for your first jump, and subsequent two stages to ensure your safety.

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Stage 1

Climb out on the wing of the plane with two instructors on either side of you as you launch into freefall. This is an orientation skydive to gain a general awareness in freefall and to open your parachute at a predetermined altitude.

Your instructors are also in radio contact with you during your parachute flight to guide you in for landing.

The following stages of the course require short briefings before each skydive with one on one freefall instruction.

Focus on body position and basic principles of turning in free-fall. Your parachute flight will consolidate your flight plan that will get you accurately to the ground.

With the right body position you’ll be flying solo on this jump your instructors will be flying right next to you for support.

Under parachute your target assistant will be giving you minor adjustments to assist with landing yourself.

Just one instructor jumps with you on this stage as you fine tune the art of falling straight down! You should be landing the parachute with minimal or no assistance by now!
Now you have a grasp of the basic body position, you’ll be doing 360 degree turns in free-fall. Fine tune your parachute circuit and landing.
Your first solo exit – your instructor leaves the plane with you but they’re not holding on this time! More 360 degree turns and forward movement. You should be feeling more confident under your parachute and landing without assistance.
The world turns upside down as you do a back-loop in this stage. Manoeuvre your body across the ground as you learn the basics of tracking! Continue to work on your accuracy for landing.
Learn precision in relative body flight as you try to fall faster and slower than your instructor. Then get your track on and motor across the sky! Keep landing near the target – you need 10 landings within 30m for your A license.
The world looks much closer now as you launch into the air from 5000 feet and open your parachute within seconds of leaving the plane. One more circuit and landing and yahoo!, you’ve completed your AFF components!