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Down Under & Upside Down – Aussie Skydivers Smash National Head Down Record

Down Under & Upside Down – Aussie Skydivers Smash National Head Down Record

Down Under & Upside Down – Aussie Skydivers Smash National Head Down Record

In September 2017, over 50 of Australia’s elite skydivers came together attempting to break the Australian head down record for the largest formation. Head down is one of the most dangerous and difficult disciplines in skydiving.


head down record attempt

In order to break the record, the skydivers would need to build a connected formation upside down in free fall. The previous record in Australia was a 32-way formation. With a lot of training leading up to the event and then 7 days of dedicated hardship, Australia’s best would triumph against the odds to break the record.

The event was hosted at Skydive Oz Moruya. With the help of neighbouring dropzone’s we were able to provide the jumpers with 3x aircraft flying in formation, along the stunning NSW coastline.

Team Focus, Australia’s premier vertical formation team lead the event. They worked with coaches, judges, and jumpers to develop a strategy to achieve the goal.

head down recordOver the first 5 days, the jumpers trained non-stop. Gradually building the size of their formation until they were ready to go for the record. As the attempt grew closer so did the weather, unfortunately – increasing the difficulty to achieve the record for the jumpers.

Dirt Diving in the hangar - recordMaking the best of a gloomy situation

Taking the change of weather into consideration, the organizers decided to first break the current record. Then gradually increase the goal with more skydivers joining in the formation on each jump. After carefull evaluation of the video, the judges confirmed that the participants had indeed broken the first record with a 36-way on Friday and then smashing the record with a 44-way formation on Saturday.

The team celebrated their achievement and then returned to their homes across Australia. Large formation skydiving not only offers the opportunity to break records, but brings together a close group of talented individuals.

head down record breakers skydiving ozThe has inspired many other Aussie skydivers to start training to join in with future head down events. The existing record breakers are already planning to return to the stage again soon to exceed their current record.

Shoutout to the APF and all involved that made the event such a success! New to skydiving but to start your progression towards these mad skills? Head on over to our learn to skydive page and find out more.