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A B-Rel Experience

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A B-Rel Experience

Time to B-Relevant. (Relative Freefall Training)

You’ve now taken the first step to becoming a Super Saiyan and you’re now wondering what to do next after attaining your A license. Well, pay close attention I have the answers right here.

Step 1 – Ring your boss and tell him you quit.

Step 2 – Be a skydiver instead.


B licence training B rels friends

Let’s B – serious.

The B-Rels are the next step on your quest to learn how to fly more like an Eagle, and less like a Salmon. They focus on

  • Flying safely with others
  • Learning how to locate, slot and dock
  • Being more accurate with center point turns

If you are looking to share your new talents with your mates, this is the way to go. It’s not imperative you do them straight away, but in my opinion, it would be best to carry on your lessons as soon as possible to let those new skills you’re learning develop as fast as possible. In fact, I recommend converting some of your AFF jumps into B-Rels to get a head start.  I managed to complete B3 before failing miserably on B4.

Being fabulous.

The most important part about flying with others is that you look stunning when you do it, so best invest in a super fly jumpsuit, with some streamers for your limbs, and possibly some tassels for your nipples depending on the weather.

But the ABSOLUTE most important thing about flying with others is flying safe, and that’s why the B-Rels are a must if you want to be able to jump with friends in the future. 

Focussing on flying safely with others is the most important, but it’s also the most fun part you can learn, because it’s learning how to track away from your partner, to ensure you have a safe distance for when you pitch, and tracking so far, is my favorite part about skydiving.

BEEing a Keeper.

I was forced to return home to continue saving the planet. Sort of, (I’m a Bee Keeper, in case you missed it) but if I could’ve, I would have continued my B Rels so I could then jump with my friends, because after all, jumping out of a plane is much cooler if you have a friend to give the finger to.

I find myself very lucky to be near a local drop zone and continue learning here at home, but man I’m missing Moruya big time.  Particularly the large drop zone target area they have because let’s face it I am not all that great at landing.

Take it from the experts.

“The B-Rels are super duper” – Batman

“The B-Rels bring all the boys to the yard” – Oprah

“Tina you fat lard” – Napoleon Dynamite.

Save the extra, borrow on your mortgage, quit your job. These are the keys to life.


– Dave ‘Briggablogolos’



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