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Down Under & Head Up - Aussie Skydivers Set National Head Up Record In January 2019, sixteen of Australia's best skydivers came together to try and set a new Australian head-up record for the largest formation. In order to set the record, the

Time to B-Relevant. (Relative Freefall Training) You’ve now taken the first step to becoming a Super Saiyan and you’re now wondering what to do next after attaining your A license. Well, pay close attention I have the answers right here. Step

Basics of Exit Spotting 'Spotting' means determining the correct point over the ground at which to exit the plane. Often referred to as 'making the spot' or simply 'the spot'. As skydivers, we can only glide so far under our canopies,

Are you ready to learn to Wingsuit? Wingsuiting is often seen as the elite of the elite, the ultimate daredevil sport and videos on Youtube make it look so damn easy! However, before going out and buying your first wingsuit, understand

SkyBlaze 2017  - Broulee Fireworks! To Celebrate The Skyblaze fireworks Event, Skydive Oz is offering: $30 OFF all Skydive Bookings for the 13-15th October. To Claim Offer: Simply head over to Skydive Batemans Bay and use promo code: 'SKYBLAZE' during checkout.     When are the SkyBlaze fireworks

Granite Town - Moruya's Funky Little Festival The Granite Town committee is hosting a funk-filled one-day festival, on Saturday 23 September 2017 – just across the road from Skydive Oz at the Moruya Racecourse.   To Celebrate Granite Town, Skydive Oz is offering: $30

Ask that someone very special something very special. So you've decided to take the plunge, let us help you with the next step! Our beachside facility and friendly staff make it easy for you to book your partner in for a skydive, whilst

Twilight Bliss (Night Jumps) If you’ve ever been to Vegas, walked the streets of Sydney’s Vivid festival or just stayed in a super tall hotel overnight I’m sure you’ve been captivated by the lights below. Why are we so drawn to

Hola little adrenalin junkies, I assume the title of this piece has captured your attention because you either don’t know about free flying or you’re about to start free flying – However, I might be completely wrong here and you