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Frequently Asked Skydive Course Questions

Q. “What is the difference between the A License and the B License?”

A. Great question! Find out all about different licences and what they mean: Licences Explained
An Australian ‘A’ license generally allows you to jump solo anywhere in the world, the A License Course is 15 jumps over 10 days. The B License allows you to jump with up to ten people, our B License Course is 50 jumps in one month.

Q. “How long before I can fly a wing-suit?”

A. In Australia, the rules are you need to have a D License which is equivalent to 200 skydives before you can even start wingsuit training. The fast track way to get there is to do our License packages, one after another. A,B,C and D licences and indicate your mission is to get into wingsuiting, that way we can help you head in the right direction.

Q. “What if I have my own accommodation and do not require the bunkhouse accommodation?”

A. You will get an extra 2 solo skydives added to your A license course if you do not require our accommodation.

Q. “What if there is bad weather which stops us from completing all our skydives?”

A. If bad weather stops you from completing all of your 15 skydives in the ten days then, your remaining credit for the remaining skydives will be held in the manifest to be used within the following three months or until your APF membership expires, whichever is first.


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