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Frequently Asked Tandem Skydiving Questions

Question. “How long will it take?”

 ANSWER. Your skydive including briefing, Aeroplane flight, free-fall, parachute flight, and landing takes approximately one hour. However, due to the nature of skydiving with weather and aircraft operations please allow half a day for your skydive. We have BBQ facilities with picnic tables at Moruya and welcome you to bring family and friends to share your experience with you.

Q. “What should I wear?” 

A. Wear casual clothing with lace up shoes. Skydive Oz provides jump pants, and if jumping in the cooler months a warm jumper is also provided.

Q. “What is the weather doing next week when we jump?”

A. We know about as much as any weatherman what the weather will be doing tomorrow, next week and this time next year…if you are concerned at all about the weather on the day of your jump then call before leaving and we’ll be able to tell you whether it is suitable for skydiving.

Q. “Will I be able to take home my Photos/Video Package of my skydive on the day I jump?”

A. Yes! It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete the editing after your skydive –  however, in the event that we cannot produce it on the day, we will mail to you as soon as possible (which is usually within the next two business days) at no extra charge.

Q. “Can I take my own GoPro to video myself on my jump?”

A. Sorry, our National Regulations O.R. 9.7.2 state ‘a parachutist must not carry a camera during a descent unless the parachutist holds at least a Certificate Class C’. In laymen’s terms – you need to have at least 100 skydives to take a camera with you on your skydive.

Q. “I have been given a gift voucher, but don’t want to jump – what can I do?” 

A. Our gift vouchers are not refundable but are transferable. If you don’t want to jump, physically are unable or for other reasons, you can gift it to someone who does. Although the thought of jumping out of a plane is scary –  it is very rare for the customer to not have a great time.

Q. “I have a gift voucher, but it has just expired – can I still use it?” 

A. Our gift vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of issue. If your gift voucher has expired, call us and you can extend it’s validity up to 3 months for $50/month OR just book a friend to jump with you within the period and we will waive the extension fees!

Q. “Am I old enough to skydive?”  

A. You must be 12 years old to do a tandem skydive and 16 years old to do our solo skydive program. However, you are never too old to go for a jump! If you’re under 18, we do require a parent or legal guardian approval.

Q. “Am I too big to skydive?” 

A. We do have a maximum weight of 110KG for males and 90KG for females. If you are slightly over this range we will have to assess you on the day of your jump as to whether or not you will be suitable to skydive. Weight and body shape is an important considered safety factor with our skydiving equipment and operations.

Q. “Does the price include all costs?”

A. Our prices listed are what you will pay on the day – there are no hidden charges. This price includes membership to the Australian Parachute Federation.

Q. “Can I eat before the jump?” 

A. Sure! But avoid overeating (especially greasy fast foods). Also, we don’t advise skydiving whilst hungover as it will not be as enjoyable an experience – you could end up spewing on yourself and your instructor – you don’t want to upset your instructor! If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend a light snack before jumping.

Q. “Can I drink alcohol before my skydive?” 

A. You must not consume alcohol within 8 hours before skydiving.

Q. “What is your refund policy?” 

A. Our refund policy is: Any payment made in part or full for a tandem skydive with Skydive Oz will only be refunded due to bad weather on the day of the skydive. “Bad weather” is determined by Skydive Oz to be unsafe for skydiving. The skydive can be rescheduled or transferred at no extra charge. We require 48 hours notice for rescheduling otherwise no refund will be given. There will be no refund due to cancellation from the customer.