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Find yourself in Moruya.

Find yourself in Moruya.

Experience Life.

Once you’ve dived out of that plane and taken a leap into a brand new world I bet you’re wondering what adventure you can go on next that could possibly top your skydiving experience – whether tandem or solo. The truth is your experience doesn’t stop or start with the plane, it starts when you first arrive to the beautiful town of Moruya (about 20 minutes drive south of Batemans Bay) and never stops. You will forever remember the feelings you experience here and take a piece with you, wherever you may go.

There are many things to see or do when you aren’t skydiving, so before or after your jump be sure to check out what the entire town can offer you! Take a stroll with no real destination and see where you wind up. After all it’s when you get lost that you find yourself. Just don’t get too upset at me when you start feeling homesick from this magical place when you’re sitting by the T.V in your living room.

The Beach

We have the most beautiful beach and lucky you – you can enjoy it from an aerial perspective before landing right onto the warm sand! And it doesn’t stop there: bring a surf board and enjoy the waves, soak up the sun, enjoy a picnic, watch the sunset and meet new people. The friendly fishermen will be glancing at you as you float above them so I’m sure they’d be up for a chat about your experience afterwards.

Multi-shot of beach landing


If you’re a Jazz lover AND coming to Moruya in October, boy are you in for a treat. Every October a Jazz music festival is hosted with live music played throughout an array of venues across the town as well as a street parade! You’re sure to feel the soul and spirit of the town not only through the music but in the atmosphere.


Shop till you drop

Moruya is a shoppers’ dream with its eclectic mix of specialty shops, boutique fashion and jewellery outlets, antique and second hand stores. Enjoy a cooling ice cream to beat the heat as you scope out the Saturday morning markets and the sensational award winning SAGE Growers Market on Tuesday afternoons, both held at Riverside Park. If coffee keeps you going there are many quirky cafes to taste and if beer is more your cup of tea enjoy a cold one with your instructor at one of the local pubs – given he’s off duty of course.


And of course there is FLYING! Experience Moruya from 14,000ft and feel the air up here, see the town exactly how the birds do and fly with us. As a child how many times did you pretend to fly? How many dreams were dreamt about becoming a bird? Stop dreaming and start doing. At Skydive Oz we can make your dreams a reality. Bring the family and start the entire experience that is skydiving – after all, it never ends.

With this many things to do I hope you leave the town feeling more wholesome and taking a piece of us with you. When you come to skydive with us the experience is on-going! Find yourself here, experience life at a level so carefree you can really just enjoy being yourself. Revel in the warm sand your feet sink into. Close your eyes and lose yourself in the music and wear that cute, bizarre ring you picked up from the antique shop with pride and smile as you reminisce your time here. Just don’t leave it too long before you decide to come back for your next jump – we’ll miss you too much! =]

In the air over Moruya / Batemans Bay

** Food for thought**

Before it’s your favourite place, It’s a place you have never been.



Hope to see you in the skies,
Emma Jane Warrender
Licensed Skydiver/ wind tunnel guru/ lover of words

P.s. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions, if you wish to live the experience that is skydiving you can book online now, give us a call on 1300 180 185 or keep an eye on what’s happening by following us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter  🙂