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Give the gift of flight.

Give the gift of flight.

Stuck for a birthday gift? Need to say ‘I love you’? With Christmas just around the corner no other gift will get someone’s heart pumping more than when they open up a card and see a skydiving voucher inside! Get their adrenal system pumping with a healthy dose of norepinephrine and dopamine with a gift through us =] because nothing says ‘I love you’ more than buying a ticket to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Do it SOLO

So you have a friend, brother, mother, sister, cousin or dad that wants to learn to fly solo – that’s PERFECT! =] Bring them down here to Skydive Oz where they can learn the basics of flight including safety procedures, starting with a day of ground training followed by 15 skydives in our ‘A’ licence package. They can be flying completely solo in less than a week. This is a gift of a lifetime and the start of a brand new addiction.


If a solo skydive is not on the list -yet- provide them with a taste. Jump from 10, 14 or 15,000ft strapped to one of our highly trained and experienced instructors. Enjoy the view while they do all the work. And if you’re a skydiver then lucky you, if you book a tandem with us you can enjoy a FREE jump with that tandem! 🙂 Just be sure to mention this when you call.

Why choose a skydive as a gift?

Why not?
Skydiving is on the bucket list for many but a few people just need that little extra push – pun intended. If you have ever visited us and seen the skydivers as they glide above the sky over the beach then i’m sure you’ve seen the many spectators sprawled along the sand all looking up at the sky in absolute awe. So, if it looks that amazing from the ground imagine what it FEELS like up there. Life is meant to be experienced and feeling that wind hit your skin at absolutely insane speeds is purely breath taking. You see the world from a completely different view and there are no windows to hinder that feeling here, just you. Your body. Click here to check out the voucher options.

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***Food for thought***

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”
– Hilary Cooper

Hope to see you in the skies,
Emma Jane Warrender
Licensed Skydiver/ wind tunnel guru/ lover of words

P.s. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions, if you wish to live the experience that is skydiving you can book online now, give us a call on 1300 180 185 or keep an eye on what’s happening by following us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter  🙂