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A guide on how to Skydive for FREE

A guide on how to Skydive for FREE

What’s better than skydiving?

Skydiving from 15,000ft totally FREE!!! 
You, my friend, are at the right place at the right time because you have the chance to win & experience Australia’s highest skydive totally FREE. So, if you’d like to fly through the big blue sky and cuddle with fluffy white clouds without spending a cent keep reading below to find out how!

The gist – how you can win

We are giving away 1 tandem skydive a month for the next 6 months. All you have to do is visit our website here and fill-in your details to enter for your chance to win. (If you’re under 18 make sure a legal guardian knows you’re entering as they will have to accompany you on the day if you win!)

What’s the catch?

You can only enter once a month, but the beautiful thing is if you don’t win this month you can try again next month or the month after that.

Top tip: Find the promotional video on the Skydive Oz Facebook page or Instagram and tag a friend’s name in the comments section – if you win they can skydive too for half price!

Pick me, Pick me!

A winner is chosen at the end of every month starting with Saturday April 30th and ending on Friday September 30th – don’t forget you have a new chance every month to win! So keep entering, commenting and sharing.


You get to choose to see the city of Canberra from greater heights or the beautiful coast line of Moruya and really taste that salty sea breeze. Just be sure to make up your mind within 30 days, offers like this don’t last a lifetime but the memories will!

Try your luck, the sky is limitless – and waiting for you.

***Food for thought***
In a world where we are all slaves to the laws of gravity, skydivers are proud to be freedom fighters! ~Author unknown
Good luck. 
Hope to see you in the skies,
Emma Jane W
Licensed Skydiver/ Wind tunnel guru / Lover of words

P.s. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions, if you wish to live the experience that is skydiving you can book online now, give us a call on 1300 180 185 or keep an eye on what’s happening by following us on a social media channel.

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