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Should I Skydive Solo or Tandem?

Doing you AFF skydiving Course

Should I Skydive Solo or Tandem?

So, you’re interested in learning to skydive solo – I knew the feeling of being free had you curious. So curious that you want to feel it with your own independence! Nice one =] The thought of jumping out of a plane, though very electrifying, can sound very daunting. Especially if you have no idea what’s involved. So, here are some things you should know for your AFF journey.

What is AFF?

For starters AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall and here at Skydive OZ we take great pride in the reputation we have for giving our students the concentrated care they need. The instructors really help you to feel at home and support you in between your moments of fear. “But I don’t have any fear?” you think as you frown at your computer screen. Well, my friend, if your heart doesn’t feel a little flutter as you strap on your very own rig for the first time I feel sorry for you, because fear is part of the experience. So for those who are a little scared, embrace it! It reminds us that we are human. Just be sure to let the fear strengthen and sharpen your instincts, rather than overcome you.

Doing you AFF skydiving CourseWelcome to the AFF course.

Once you decide to take that leap – pun intended – You then, will have to arrive at beautiful Moruya on Monday morning to start your day of ground training! You didn’t think we just pushed you out there, did you? You’ll spend the day going through the proper body position you should have, in order to have a stable flight and deployment. *Spoiler alert* the word ‘arch’ is going to be your new best friend for the duration of your course. You will also be discussing landing patterns and what your canopy should look like once it opens. Emergency procedures are also drilled into you until you’re feeling confident and then, the next day it’s time for your stage 1 jump! Hooray, time to skydive solo!

How many stages are involved?

AFF consists of 9 stages. For the first 3 stages you’ll be climbing out on the wing of the plane with two instructors on either side of you as you launch into free fall. Then it’s narrowed down to one instructor holding onto you and even they will let you go and jump completely solo by stage 6 – it’s okay! We’re right behind you! The AFF course is designed to enable you with a sense of general awareness in free-fall and to open your parachute at a predetermined altitude. Oh! And we don’t just leave you dangling 5,000ft in the air by yourself – not just yet – your instructor will be in radio contact with you during your parachute flight down to guide you in for landing. If you’d like to have a read of what exactly you’ll be performing during each free-fall you can check it out here.

What’s next?

The beautiful thing about skydiving is that you will never stop learning! There are many licence classes for you to achieve starting with your ‘A’ class all the way to ‘F’ class and why stop there, perhaps you’ll become a tandem master. There are many disciplines such as CRW, the acronym stands for Canopy Relative Work which is creating canopy formations – a popular canopy course is held here by our very own Jules McConnel. If group jumping becomes your thing you can venture off into creating sky formations, taking grips and joining competitions or even just become a bad-a** free flyer! The choice is yours, this is the freedom the sky gives you.

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What should I expect?

Expect your life to change. This is the beginning of a great, brand new chapter in your life. You will never forget sitting in the plane with your own rig hugging you for the first time, looking out the window and catching the glimmer of sunlight as it rises, creating a beautiful sunrise. The taste of so many emotions running so quickly throughout your body as you reach speeds that would seem impossible without a mighty v8 engine attached to it. With every 5seconds bringing you 1,000ft closer to your deployment altitude, you’re reaching speeds over 200km/hr and the wind is hitting nothing but your skin. You taste the air, it’s cleaner up here. Then the tranquility and peacefulness that silences all the other sensations as you glide that parachute along the horizon and down to land all on your own. Pure bliss consumes your body as you soak up the beautiful view that Moruya has offered you, sunbathers on the beach are pointing and waving at you. Then it hits you, they’re waving at you and you alone. It’s SOLO – It’s all you! So what are you waiting for? Come and feel freedom, come fly with me.

**Food for thought**
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. -T.S Eliot

Hope to see you in the skies, Emma Jane Warrender

Licensed Skydiver/ wind tunnel guru/ lover of words

P.s. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions, if you wish to live the experience that is skydiving you can book online now, give us a call on 1300 180 185 or keep an eye on what’s happening by following us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter  🙂

P.s.s Get to know me! check out how much fun I had during my AFF course by clicking this link!