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Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn to Skydive at Australia’s only beachside facility

Why learn with Skydive Oz?

Apart from being the only beach located learn to skydive facility in Australia; class sizes are limited to ensure you get personalised, one on one training with your instructors. Skydive Oz Australia operates 12 months a year and has a focus on being the absolute best location in the world to learn and stay. Take a look at our reviews to hear what our customers have to say: Trip Advisor / Facebook

What’s on-site?

  • Modern Accommodation (included in all packages)
  • Free WiFi
  • Hire Car
  • Hot Showers and Toilet Facilities
  • Training rooms & coaches
  • Beach – Perfect for surfing, swimming, fishing
  • River – Great for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking
  • On site Cafe (Fresh hot coffee and delicious food!)
  • Kitchen & Beer fridges
  • BBQ facilities
  • Creepers (for formation training)
  • Indoor packing areas
  • Indoor climbing area
  • Nearby supermarkets, Gym, Pub etc.
  • Laundry
  • Great atmosphere
Happy learning to skydive

The Location & Accommodation?

We operate from the purpose built training facility at Moruya Airport on the NSW South Coast. The runway runs directly parallel next to the beach and opposite the river. Onsite modern cabins are next to our Aircraft hanger, so you are never too far away from the action or some well-deserved rest.

Are you traveling from interstate or internationally? If so, there are a range of options to get here.
If you’re coming via Sydney or Canberra, take a look at the following articles:

“I want to learn to skydive – How much does it cost?”

Accelerated Free-Fall ‘AFF’ is an integral part of learning to skydive and therefore is incorporated into our learning packages. The ‘AFF’ component of the course involves 9 different stages – for more in-depth detail about them please click here.

Skydive Oz has partnered with ZipMoney so you finance your skydive course from as little as 4 payments of $674 or 6 monthly payments of $450! Interest-Free.

If you would like to know more information or have any questions, just send us a message or give us a call on 1300 185 180. Alternatively, visit our training facility at Moruya Airport: click here for directions.

To apply, simply choose a course below that best suits your needs:

parchuting student


  • $ 2498
    9x training skydives
    • 9x Skydives with Gear Hire
    • No Experience Required
    • AFF Training Course (Click for stages)
    • 5x Days Accommodation
    • 5x Lunches
    • 5x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • APF Membership
    • Log book
    • USB – With your filmed skydives
    • ‘A’ LICENSE Exam
    • ‘A’ LICENSE Application
    • $2753 – Now only $2498 Save $255
Autumn deal
  • $ 3198
    Become a licensed skydiver
    • 15x Skydives with Gear Hire
    • No Experience Required
    • AFF Training Course (Click for stages)
    • 6-10 Days Accommodation
    • 7x Lunches
    • 7x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • APF Membership
    • Log book
    • USB – With your filmed skydives
    • ‘A’ LICENSE Exam
    • ‘A’ LICENSE Application
  • 'B'-REL CAMP
  • $ 1360
    Learn to skydive with your mates
    • 8x Skydives with Gear Hire
    • ‘A’ License Required
    • BREL Training (stages 1-6)
    • 5x Days Accommodation
    • 5x Lunches
    • 5x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • USB – With your filmed skydives
    • Commence course at anytime
    • Access to all training equipment
    • $1490 – On Sale Now! Save $130
B Licence Course
  • $ 4272
    Skydive with your mates!
    • 35x Skydives with Gear Hire
    • ‘A’ License Required
    • BREL Training Coached Skydives
    • 2x Coached Canopy Pilot Lessons
    • 28x Days Accommodation
    • 10x Lunches
    • 28x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • Log book
    • USB – With your filmed skydives
    • ‘B’ LICENSE Exam
    • Parachute Packing Lessons
    • $4904 Value – Save $632

What else you’ll get:

  • All your skydives videoed to fast track your learning which you take home on your own USB stick so you can relive your first jumps again and again.
  • Personalised training with our highly qualified instructors
  • Use of state of the art skydiving equipment
  • Accommodation only metres from the river and beach

When are the course dates?

Our learn to skydive courses always start on Mondays, all year round. We advise you to arrive the Sunday afternoon before your course, so you’re ready to learn first thing Monday morning.
(AFF Camp and the A License courses both include the Sunday night prior to your course in the package for this reason.)

parachute course fun

Can I split up the AFF course?

Yes but you shouldn’t. Let us explain: The 9x (AFF) stages in learning to skydive are designed to be trained consecutively and each stage relates to the stage prior. The ground training provided on the Monday aims at constructing the foundation of knowledge and safety procedures which are an integral part of every skydive you will ever do. Taking this information into consideration and the fact the learning curve is quite steep – we don’t recommend that you plan to do only a couple of your initial learning stages, then leave more than a few days before continuing your training – as it is critical for your safety and to reduce the likeliness of your need to repeat stages ($180/repeat).
However, generally if you have to leave your course earlier than expected or are unable to jump due to bad weather – your training skydives will be held in credit for up to 12 months, so you can visit us again to complete your course. See our terms and conditions for specifics.

How many skydives should I expect to do a day?

With all of the adrenaline, mental focus & excitement, learning to skydive can be very mentally and physically challenging. On average, AFF Students complete 3x skydives a day – sometimes less, sometimes more. We believe you shouldn’t have the extra pressure of time constraints and make sure you allow for extra time, just in case you need it.

What if the weather is not suitable for skydiving?

Weather is always a primary factor for skydiving. Statistics say, on average at Moruya Airport we have 2 rain days out of 7. Very rarely we have several days of bad weather and students are welcome to stay a few extra days to complete their course. During bad weather days we often take the opportunity to cover other training aspects of your course. You can also take the opportunity to see some of the local area, you might even meet some of the locals (See the Kangaroo’s). There is a lot of natural beauty very close to the dropzone including; freshwater streams, whale watching (seasonal), secluded pristine beaches, forest walks and much more.
You can see the local annual weather statistics: Click Here

skydive kangaroo

If I do not pass a training stage, what happens?

Sometimes you might be required to repeat a stage – it’s not uncommon and don’t despair, it’s usually so you can perfect something so it does not effect your skills going forward. A repeat stage is $180 and includes your skydive and your instructors.

Contact us today to find out more or make a reservation – remember, spots are limited.

Note: For your own safety, all students are required to be fluent in the English language or have proof of an understanding of the English language (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.) You can find IELTS near you by clicking here.

Take a look around

Take the virtual tour throughout the Skydive Oz training facility, stroll out and look inside the Aeroplane, head on over to the fire-pit, wander down the verandah and step inside our accommodation rooms.

C Licence Package

If you have your ‘B’ License and want to progress to the next level, the ‘C‘ Licence Package with Accommodation is perfect for you.

Extend your skills and knowledge by learning with the experienced, professional and focused Skydive Oz team. You will be learning at an excellent location right next to the beach and river. Please give us a call on 1300 185 180 for more information or to reserve your accommodation. 

Simply get in touch by calling or send us a message on the contact page.

  • $ 2790
    Take your experience up a level
    • 50x Skydives
    • ‘B’ License Required
    • 2x Coached Canopy Pilot Lessons
    • 28x Days Accommodation
    • 10x Lunches
    • 28x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • ‘C’ License Application
    • Gear hire is not included. Bulk hire discount rates are available.
    • ‘C’ Licensed skydivers can begin to skydive with a Camera (GoPro)
    • Parachute Packing Lessons
    • Free Skydive Oz T-Shirt
    • $3330 Value – Save $540

Want a career in Skydiving? Want to fly a wing-suit? 

The Certificate ‘D’ package is a 100x Skydive course aimed at fast tracking your skills, experience and qualifications in skydiving.

Skydive career opportunities?

For those looking for employment in a fun, exciting and stimulating environment, this is the pathway for you. Some ‘D’ License Career opportunities include: Parachute Packer, Manifest/Check-in, Ground Crew, Free-fall coach, Camera-flyer. Once you have your ‘D’ license, you’re on a clear path to achieving your ‘E’ Licence and becoming qualified to be a Tandem Instructor &/OR an AFF Freefall Instructor

Want to fly a wing-suit?

Skydiving experience is essential before you begin to think about putting wings on. This package is a great option for those wanting to get a head-start in skydiving by doing a bunch of jumps and learning loads in a short period of time! Once you acquire your ‘D’ License, you then are eligible to commence training towards wing-suit approval.

About the course:

The course is based at our Moruya drop-zone which is a fully operational commercial drop-zone offering tandem skydiving, student training, sport skydiving and discipline-specific coaching. This provides students with first-hand training in an invaluable learning environment and positive atmosphere.

Course Includes:

10x coached skydives of your choice (Free-fly / Angles / Flat-fly / CRW (Canopy Relative Work). This course is priced for people who have their own gear, however – we offer bulk hire discount rates and have different size equipment available for your needs.

  • $ 5856
    includes 100x Jump Package
    • 100x Skydives
    • ‘C’ License Required
    • 10x Coached Skydive Lessons
    • Star Crest Rating
    • Exit Spotting Training
    • 56x Days Accommodation
    • 10x Lunches
    • 56x Complimentary Breakfasts
    • ‘D’ License Application
    • Gear hire is not included. Bulk hire discount rates are available.
    • Free Skydive Oz T-Shirt
    • Experience of a lifetime
    • $7316 – On Sale Now! Save $1460

Still not feeling inspired?

Check out some of these videos to give you a better insight into the world of skydiving.