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One hundred thousand parachutes

100000 parachutes packed

One hundred thousand parachutes

100,000 is a big number!

Yet, that’s exactly how many Skydive Parachute pack jobs our local resident Eileen Stones has completed in her career.

Eileen, originally from the UK now resides on the NSW South Coast and is a major part of the Skydiving community and family here at Skydive Oz.

On Sunday the 22nd of April 2018, Eileen reached the massive 6 figure milestone for her pack jobs, which is more than an honorable achievement. (The main image, is the culprit 100k pack)

Known around the drop-zone for her helpfulness, dedication, youthful spirit & sense of humour, she has also been part of the Australian skydiving community for an ‘above average’ amount of time.

Here’s a pic from a 1989 Bali Boogie (with mostly Wilton jumpers, 1 Thai and 1 American right).
Eileen Stones Skydiver
Testing out the Australian wind tunnel in 2013:

Pictured here, Eileen is a tandem passenger on Australia’s first ever women’s tandem skydive in 1993, with her tandem instructor and friend Annie.

1st woman skydiver tandem
Congratulations on your achievement Eileen!

A big thank you from all of us here at Skydive Oz for letting us be part of it.