Preparing for AFF

The ability to jump out of a plane may seem like a simple notion, but believe me do not underestimate this extreme sport. Before you jump take some time to prepare yourself mentally and ask yourself if you’re ready to achieve this goal. It’s super important to make sure that your heart is in this one, you will find love in the sky but only if you’re 100% committed.


Take some time to rummage through blogs, YouTube videos, ask friends or even visit a DZ and feel the vibe. Yes, of course we run you through a day of ground training but if you know what to expect it will help your understanding and hopefully the day will sink in and run a little smoother. Knowing your stages and preparing yourself for them in advance will give you a little extra boost of confidence. Which brings me to…


No, not your bra size! I’m talking about Dirt Diving. Run through your stage on the ground from entering the plane -> to exiting -> to the free fall itself then close your eyes and imagine that canopy ride down by studying your landing pattern. The more calm and confident you are on the ground, the more knowledge you will take with you to the sky.


I know you thought once you left school you’d never have to hear the word ‘study’ again but i guess you were wrong – STUDY the wind. Get to know it! The sky’s best friend is the wind and every man knows that all serious relationships secretly have the approval of a best friend (women, you know it’s true.) So when all is said and done we are not focusing on the sky here or the plane, we are focusing on the wind. The wind that can change your canopy course during the plane ride up, so have a backup plan! Know what to do for your landing if the wind becomes stronger or shifts direction. Be aware of where your DZ’s wind socks are and ask your instructors for help – that’s what we’re here for! We want you to find love here just as we have, so let us help you obtain it a little easier.



Don’t discourage yourself! what’s your rush? You’re living your dream, RIGHT NOW! You plucked up enough courage to get into that plane and jump out in the first place so if you do happen to find yourself stuck on an AFF stage don’t get discouraged or flustered about it. Dust yourself off and try again. Watch the video with your instructor and listen to what they have to say, and again I can’t stress enough on how important it is to ASK questions. Any question. The only stupid question is one not asked.

The secret is to just be calm – you’re only jumping out of an airplane. Relax, remember to breathe and practice all your stages on the ground before you jump. Educate yourself on all fields of the sport (Canopy/ Freefall/Landing/ Exits) to give you the confidence you need and always remember that you’re living your dream NOW. Your goal may be to achieve your licence but you are still living your dream from the moment you start to even think about it. I hope you chase dreams today, Carpe Diem.

**Food for thought**
“There is a difference between failing and quitting…Just keep going!”
Bear Grylls

Hope to see you in the skies, Emma Jane Warrender

Licensed Skydiver/ wind tunnel guru/ lover of words

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