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Single Dad Becomes Skydiver

Learning to skydive as a dad

Single Dad Becomes Skydiver

Single Dad Becomes Skydiver

It was on my 28th birthday I commenced my course. The start of what I hope to be a long life of exploring a new sport. A new discipline, and the spark of a sort of inspiration to be able to show my son that he too, can fly.

Being a single dad

I’ve received a mixture of emotions thrown my way in regards to my new life choice to full send my carcass across 15k altitude. I wish I could explain to any negative response that, in my week-long experience there’s wasn’t a single moment did I not feel safe. This made my choice to come to Moruya even more reassured, adding to the already amazing reputation. I was lucky having a host of legends guiding me on my Buzz Lightyear influenced dreams. #fallingwithstyle

I often get, “why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?” – Hilarious.

There’s an art to dealing with these people who think they invented this iconic rebuttal. You have to be really subtle about your passive aggressive behaviour to get a kick out of it.  As subtle as reminding your blog editor to emphasise that I am single, and I live just outside Byron Bay. Wink face. (*Note from Editor: Name and location may have been edited – this is not Tinder)

Fathers’ Day Bucket List

I have been slapped in the feels, and my heartstrings been fondled. Overwhelmed with love from the Groovin Moo Crew helping me achieve number one on my bucket list this week, which was to become Superman for approximately 50 seconds. Or in my case, more like 40 seconds from having an extra 15 kilos of pure, undeniable…. obesity. I’d then sail down safely like a fat feather on my hired canopy I named Nimbus for the week.

inspiring my son

Things I wanted to achieve during my Course

  • Not die
  • Jump out of planes
  • Be serenaded by a handsome Brazilian man playing a Sticky Fingers song

You know it’s weird I thought the Brazilian serenade would be super difficult, but one my AFF classmates came through with the goods.  In fact, this week I made 5 new friends I hope to keep for life. Especially after being dubbed “the most Australian man I’d ever met” by an Englishman who eats poached eggs on Vegemite toast. It’s almost as embarrassing as that time England sent all their convicts to the most beautiful country in the world. #neverforget

I’ve only ever wanted to show my son that he too can achieve his dreams, and to prove that anything is possible. I aspire to lead by example and show my little lord some tricks along his own little journey as a human. It’s not that I want to influence him into the sport, it’s that I want to show him that he can follow his own journey. No matter what his position in life is, and more importantly, that you don’t have to put your dreams aside to make others happy.

What I want to achieve after my Course

My immediate future entails the following:

  • Find more planes to jump out of!
  • Tone ‘the rig’ so I don’t shame the family whilst doing my 100th jump naked
  • Continue not dying

Full Send.  Meat Missile.

– David BriggaBlogolus


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