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Skydive & Nature Walk

Skydive & Nature Walk

Skydive & Nature Walk

The Skydive Experience
Skydiving to the beach near Batemans Bay is an experience not to be missed! Embrace the fear, hop in the plane, soak up the ocean views, feel the rush of a lifetime as you free fall with your experienced instructor, scream out with joy as you fly your parachute and glide back down and land on the beach – back to where you started this crazy adventure. We have a unique, fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure you have the absolute most amazing experience possible.
The Nature Walk Experience

Duration: Allow for 3 hours after skydive
• Location: Our local guide will pick you up from the Skydive Oz office, directly after your skydive and return to the same location after the walk.
Follow in the footsteps of the Brinja-Yuin people as you walk the Bingi Dreaming track with our local tour guide. A perfect way to relax after the adrenaline filled fun!

The Bingi Dreaming track links campsites, ceremonial and trade sites, fresh water and plentiful coastal food sources. During your walk, you will see different types of coastal habitat; there are great opportunities for birdwatching among the heathlands, forests, and lakeshores and you’re likely to see kangaroos and wallabies relaxing in the sun. During whale watching season, stop off at one of the vantage points along the way for a glimpse of the majestic beasts, as well as panoramic views of Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) and Baranguba (Montague Island).

If you’re lucky, you might even get to see some stone artifacts or patches of shell middens.
• Day backpack and some snacks   • Sunscreen   • Water bottle    • Hat


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