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Skydive at night

Night Skydiving

Skydive at night

Twilight Bliss (Night Jumps)

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, walked the streets of Sydney’s Vivid festival or just stayed in a super tall hotel overnight I’m sure you’ve been captivated by the lights below. Why are we so drawn to the sparkly shiny lights? Why should skydiving be an exception to this pleasure? Well friends, here at Skydive Oz it’s not. Welcome to night jumps!

Can I go Tandem?

Sure thing, simply contact the office and make sure you’re booked in. It’s $100 deposit and standard Tandem Rates for Batemans Bay.

What you need

First of all you’ll need to hold a C class skydive license or above to participate. Sorry newbies! Have a think about how little 50 landings are – do you think you’re ready to do it in the dark yet? If you’ve got close to 100 jumps and are adequately skilled – your drop zone safety officer may give you the OK. You’ll also need your own glow power so stock up on some glow sticks and flashing goodies. Grab some glow packets from the
$2 store and a decent wearable torch. Other night skydive mandatory requirements include an altimeter with a backlight and an audible altimeter.

How it works

Another requirement is that you must be present on the day of our event to do at least one jump during the day. This is just so we can assess you and give you the green light to go ahead. If you don’t know when we hold our night jumps get on our Facebook page right now and like it! It’s the best and easiest way to keep up to date with all of our events. The landing area will be well lit. We have a fire to warm you up after each jump and you can enjoy a nice hot meal on site!

How does it look

The monthly events are usually orientated to coincide with a full moon. You can imagine how impressive it’s reflection looks casting diamonds across the ocean, out of the window of the warmly heated aircraft or as you navigate under canopy. As mentioned before if you have ever been to Vegas or stayed in a harbor view hotel, I’m sure you have spent at least one moment gazing out to the lights below. Though, from here in the sky, you are soaring above the world and seeing it from a whole new perspective.

Jump into the darkness

Take a deep breath and enjoy the distant lights of Batemans Bay and Moruya and the illuminated airstrip below you.
As always the thrill does not stop here. Once you complete a few solo jumps you can start to think about sharing that twilight freefall bliss with others. Do some relative work and you could eventually be part of something awesome like this:
Experience free fall at night

At Skydive Oz the fun never ends, just come and spend some time with us and you’ll soon see for yourself. If you start to feel that the ecstasy of jumping out of an airplane is no longer enough. Satisfy your thirst and hunger for adrenaline, come to out next twilight event. I guarantee you’ll feel that buzz and those butterflies again. Check out our event’s to see when the next Night Jumps are on – Click here!

***Food for thought***
If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness. 
-Les Brown

P.s. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions. Therefore, if you wish to live the experience that is skydiving you can book online now. Give us a call on 1300 180 185 or keep an eye on what’s happening by following us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter 🙂