Skyfest 2 Skydive Oz


December 27th-31st, 2018 – a coastal celebration of skydiving.

A’hoy there matey! We’d like to personally invite your company to become part of the sky-goodness by considering becoming a sponsor for the event.

Shiver me timbers! Tell me more!

Don’ yar Jolly Rogers, leave th’ lily-livered landlubbers behind n’ jump onboard fer 5 days o’ skydivin’ n swashbuckling.


Skyfest Oz Roundie

Skyfest includes:

• 15x Skydives (15K Caravan loads)

• 5x days camping (hot showers etc.)

• Canopy coaching  – Jules McConnel

• Free Fly Coaching – Ben Cutler

• Wingsuit Coaching – Chris Byrnes

• Flat/Bigway Coaching – Riss Anderson

• Angles Coaching – TBA

• Demo Canopies – Courtesy of Icarus

• Live Music Every night + NYE DJ

• Beach Landings

• River Swoops

• Free T-Shirt & Sunglasses

• Nightly Cinema Day Tapes

• Giveaways

• River Float + Opening Ceremony Dinner

• & thar be a wee bit mor ye’ scallywags!

Optional Extras:

• Seaplane Skydives

• Sunburn, Scurvy & Rum!

How to get involved?

Our aim for the event is not financial gain, It’s to provide the utmost incredible celebration of all that is Australian skydiving.

So absolutely anything you can contribute to help improve the event, we’re interested in – for example:

• Demo Gear

• Discount Vouchers

• Samples

• Sponsored loads

• Pull-ups / Stickers / Promo gear

• Giant Inflatable Pirate Ship – Covered in your branding. 


Skyfestival 2

The benefits of being a SkyFest Sponsor:

• Positive exposure to an estimated 80 pirates.

• Donated vouchers & gear will be given away during the nightly events or cinema day tapes – with a special thank’s to the donor.

• Sponsors logos will be added/tagged in promotional material: Skydive Oz Website / Facebook Event Page / Day Tapes and Event Video Edits.

• ASM magazine coverage

• APF announcements


Jump Onboard!

Interested? Want more information?

Simply get in touch with me and we can go from there.

Nick Smith:  – 1300185180 / 0466639150


PS. Come join in, savvy!

Early bird tickets are scheduled for release on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (September 19th)

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