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Why your team should train at Skydive Oz

Why your team should train at Skydive Oz

Why your team should train at Skydive Oz

So you’re in a skydiving team or thinking about forming one? Excellent! Team training is one of the best ways for you to hone in on your relative skydiving skills and provides the perfect environment for you to practice and reflect on your skill development.

The main priorities for good team training locations are:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Facilities
  3. Vibe

Rotor Out with World Champion Shannon Pilcher

The Efficiency:

The ultra national 4way team ‘Rotor Out’ found Skydive Oz one the most efficient training dropzone IN THE WORLD.

Here’s what Steve Smith from ‘Rotor Out’ had to say:

“Hands Down the best location in Australia for Team Training.

We’ve trained at many top drop-zones around the world and Skydive oz is equal to the most efficient in the world. For example, today we easily completed 12x 4way jumps in just 5 hours (between 9am and 2 pm).

The most similar DZ in feel and efficiency is Empura Brava.

The friendly packers and easy going staff make you feel at home.

Mix in the incredible views and you can see why we regularly come back.”

Skydive training best

The Vibe:

Unlike most Drop-zones around Australia, The Skydive Oz DZ aims to prioritise sports skydivers and students.

It’s run by an Australian champion / Pilot / CI / TI, Paul Smith (basically you name it, he’s done it!) and his crew of sky-loving, fun-loving individuals.

best 4 ways

The Facilities:

• Packers available

• Loads to comp height

• Guaranteed loads

• Landing area out front of hangar/packing

• Quality team training facilities (Video de-briefing rooms, creepers, multiple aircraft exit mockups, music 🙂 & more )

• Onsite Cafe – Great food and Coffee

• Modern Accommodation

One Last Quote:

International Expert Trainer Shannon Pilcher (and all-round guru) had this to say about his experience:

“I cannot say enough positive things about Skydive Oz in Moruya, Australia. I just spent a week there training with the national team, Rotor Out, and our experience could not have been better. From the modern, centralized facility, to the giant airport directly adjacent to the beach, to the fast and clean Caravan, to the 15k’ skydives, to the delicious onsite cafe, to the humble and gracious staff, to the absolutely stunning views on every…single…jump…, it all felt too good to be true.

Like many DZs, it’s a bit off the beaten path (about 4 hrs from Sydney International), but the drive is gorgeous, and direct flights are available from Sydney to Moruya. Literally flying directly to the DZ.

If you’re a skydiver visiting Australia, you won’t find a better total package. And if you’re a team preparing for the world meet, Skydive Oz and DZO Paul Smith are fully prepared to help you achieve your goals, in proper Aussie style.

I’ve been to a bunch of DZs around the world, and I promise you, this is one you do NOT want to miss!”


Team Discount Rates Available:

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