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World’s First One Armed Wingsuit Pilot

World’s First One Armed Wingsuit Pilot

One Armed Wingsuiting.

Wait, what? Is that even possible? Is it safe? Well, sure it’s possible and I’m positive it’s a lot safer not to do it. Has anyone EVER done this before? Not that we know of.
Skydive Oz was contacted by Mitch Smith (Australia’s one armed skydiver) to do his First Jump Wingsuit Course. The Decision to approve the course was not an easy one, giving the increased risks.

The History

Mitch got into skydiving in after recovering from a motorcycle accident. The accident resulted in the loss of his right arm but that was not going to hold him back from living out his aspirations.

After learning to skydive solo here at the Skydive Oz Moruya Dropzone back in 2013, he admits candidly, that becoming a skydiver was not without its challenges. Those challenges did not stop him from chasing his dream of becoming a wingsuit pilot.

When the request came through for Mitch to commence his Wingsuit training here at Skydive Oz Moruya, there were a lot of safety concerns. After the concerns were raised and then addressed, we decided to give him the chance to give it a go. For Mitch, Wingsuiting had been a dream of his and is the catalyst which got him into skydiving in the first place.

The Interview

It all comes together

With Mitch’s enthusiasm and years of preparation, a drop zone with low aircraft traffic, excellent visual navigation references along with the guidance from legendary wingsuit coach Phielix Huibert. It was time to put on a Phoenix-Fly suit and dive into the deep end.

Mitch Exiting the aircraft

Stay tuned!

At this stage, Mitch has only just begun his journey into wingsuit piloting.
We asked Mitch if he plans to head towards proximity wingsuit flying or base jumping. His response was that he is “just going to focus on the wing suiting for the time being.”

We’re sure the most exciting times are yet to come and can’t wait to see what adventures he get’s up to next!

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